1. Project from last spring! It wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Sorry my design got you broken, plates, forgive me, plates.  

  2. Got in a weird rut (what other kind of rut is there?) so tonight I drank wine and made bagels. If they can still be called that. I don’t know, I’m not the bagel police. 

  4. Another one

  5. A rejected thing

  6. From the archives. Was gonna paint this on my cap the night before graduation but I decided to cry instead.

  7. Yo was I supposed to be working on something tonight or something

  8. I reward myself for rounds of edits by making more glyphs. Repeat cycle.

  9. -averts eyes, slowly nudges John Mayer’s new album towards you-

  10. From something I made at work (it’s a NYMM show pack) maybe I will take actual pictures of it soon or ever.